Global Instructor, Community Activist, Educator, Author & Positive Psychology and Spiritual well-being Practitioner

Founder: Adult Spiritual Education Program.

Uzma is a bilingual Instructor assisting students in their personal, professional and spiritual development. Spending a large part of her life in Saudi Arabia gives her the opportunity to learn new languages such as Arabic and Urdu. In her early education career, while working with students of different age groups in secular school setting as well faith-based schools, she realized that she loved working with adult students from all walks of life and profession. Therefore, she launched an online learning program based on the Psycho-spiritual model of learning "Adult Spiritual Education Program (ASEP), (infusing Islamic spirituality into the field of Modern Applied Psychology that enhances psychological and spiritual well-being. Her personal quest for self-actualization and realization lead her to dedicate a large part of her life to seeking knowledge and exploring a link between human behavior, psyche, spirituality, Islamic eschatology & psychology.

She has specialized in Positive Psychology Intervention and well-being Program and dedicated 18 years to learning Islamic Science, Theology, Applied Sufi Psychology, Islamic Mystical tradition, and Islamic Eschatology through various scholars of the past and present in the Islamic world such as Rober Frager (Sophia University), Malik Badri, Abdullah Rothman, Yahya Rhodus, Imam-Al-Ghazali, and Abu Zaid-Al-Balkhi.

She has utilized years of learning experience in teaching, leading, counseling, mentoring, and guiding students, from various professional & ethnic backgrounds. She has integrated Spiritual psychology and Applied Positive psychology into Islamic studies Programs and counseling sessions, providing Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP) helping clients to deliver transformational change.

Since 2010, she has been teaching Muslim students as well as non-muslim students and assisting them in their spiritual journey as a spiritual counselor.

Specialization & Certification

  • Licensed Positive Psychology Practitioner.

  • Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

  • The science of well-being.

  • Master of Mindful Meditation Practice.

  • Accredited Professional counseling.

  • Certified Spiritual Counseling & Coaching

  • Existential well-being (EWB)

  • Transpersonal Psychology.

As a sports coach train your body, a Spiritual coach trains your mind and soul to achieve optimal results that lead to transformation psychological well-being.

Academic Endeavors:

Some of my academic endeavors encompass the following: Existential Well-being (EWB), Spiritual Well-being (SWB) Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavior Coaching (CBC), Science of wellbeing, Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Neuroscience; Spiritual Brain and effect of meditation, Mindfulness Meditation Healing and Transformation, Applied Sufi Psychology, Positive Psychology and well-being (PPW), Spiritual counseling, and Strength-based and evidence-based psychological coaching.

International Speaker, Islamic Spirituality Instructor, and Curriculum development of Spiritual Psychology, Cultural and Spiritual Competency Traning.

Proven Leadership Dedicated to community service, interfaith work, and civic engagement since 2000. She believes in empowering others through education. Since 2001, she has served as an Education Coordinator and worked at various Non-profit organizations such as; OCC Diversity and Inclusion, Served as a human Library for promoting dialogue and diversity among college students.

As a Human Rights Consultant, In 2019, She met Indonesian delegates ( Global leadership program) to promote interfaith dialogue and shared values of civic engagement, democracy, human rights, pluralism, diversity, and the impact of women in western society through Islamic & Judeo-Christian perspective.

She has received a community service award in 2015

Recognition for interfaith services by Interfaith Leadership Council in 2016.

Oakland Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting peace, tolerance and diversity

Interfaith Presentation

Leading interfaith dialogue

Global Leadership Program

Civic engagement, democracy and human rights.

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